Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs. Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization. Click here to contact us about our engineering capabilities.

Waste Heat Recovery

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Airclean has extensive experience in discovering, identifying and engineering waste-heat recovery systems for industrial facilities. Unlike most engineering firms or equipment providers, Airclean uses our own in-house, field engineers to quantify the potential value of your plant's waste-heat source. To do this, our engineers will measure:

  • Flow rates
  • Temperatures
  • Moisture content
  • Waste-gas composition
  • Calculate specific heat

Airclean also discusses the waste-heat process with operators, maintenance staff and plant management to ensure that the waste-heat recovery system will not impact the day-to-day operation of your facility. Once site measurements and plant interviews are complete, Airclean will engineer a heat-recovery solution for your facility. These solutions range from hot-water production to power generation, depending on the available heat and plant needs.

Contact Airclean today to discuss your potential to recover wasted heat.