Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs. Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization. Click here to contact us about our engineering capabilities.

Marine Vessel Energy Conservation

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Airclean provides technical and programmatic support to various customers and ship owners throughout various fleets. We also provide shipboard energy audits and surveys, ship-system-specific surveys, and marine engineering on vessels of any size or function.

 Our company has extensive knowledge and experience in shipboard and facility's energy conservation and specializes in the performance of energy audits.

Our engineers hold degrees in Marine Engineering, are Certified Energy Managers through the Association of Energy Engineers and have unlimited horsepower USCG Marine Officer Licenses. We strive to meet the exact needs of our customers by providing first-class marine engineering and shipboard expertise in an effort to lower fuel consumption and provide energy-management solutions.

Technical and Programmatic Support

  • Shipboard Energy Management
  • Shipboard Energy Audits
  • System-Specific Studies
  • Energy-Conservation Programmatic Support
  • Fuel-Savings Validation