Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs. Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization. Click here to contact us about our engineering capabilities.

Industrial Energy Audits

Daryl with harness on some pipe to install flowmeter

Using a systems-based approach, Airclean Engineering has a proven track record of performing successful, energy-efficiency audits to optimize commercial and industrial, facility operations. Targeted areas of review include electrical, thermal, air and water systems.  

Currently Airclean Engineering holds master agreements with:

  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
  • BC Hydro
  • Oak Ridge National Labs
  • Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO)
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

These contracts allow Airclean Engineering to perform energy audits based on releases to the master contract, minimizing time and effort required to initiate the individual, project contracts.

Airclean Engineering also holds contracts with privately-owned, industrial companies as part of their energy-efficiency teams. Airclean Engineering has identified millions of dollars in cost savings in electrical, gas and maintenance-related items that are caused by inefficient, system operation.

Industrial, facility opportunities are often found in fan, pump and process-heating systems. Fan- and pump-efficiency audits often target heavily-throttled, or dampered systems that consume large amounts of energy. Inefficient systems are common at these facilities due to changes in the original process, excess design-safety factors or modifications to the system over time. Process-heating audits generally focus on studying boiler and burner optimization along with heat-recovery assessments. 

Airclean Engineering's sister company, AirClean Technologies, Inc, manufactures and installs air-pollution controls, steam turbine generator sets, heat-recovery systems and other boiler-related systems. We use this expertise to aid in the audit process to present unique, heat-recovery-system designs that were previously considered too costly to install.