Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs. Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization. Click here to contact us about our engineering capabilities.

Department of Energy Certified Specialists

Nevada Gold Mine Pumps

Airclean Engineering staff includes certified specialists and instructors for multiple DOE, energy-efficiency, software platforms. The DOE programs are in place to aid U.S. manufacturers in maintaining global competitiveness through strategic, energy management.

Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
Airclean Engineering's staff have been involved in the BETA testing, specialist training and field use of the FSAT tool since its inception at the DOE. 

Qualified FSAT Specialists have successfully completed classroom and practical training, passed a rigorous exam, and demonstrated their ability to use the FSAT software tool. Airclean's engineers, which are FSAT Specialists, apply this tool to help their plant or industrial customers identify ways to improve fan-system efficiency. 

The FSAT software assists Airclean Engineering in efficiently performing the following tasks:

  • Calculate how much energy a fan system is using
  • Determine how efficiently a system is operating
  • Quantify savings from upgrading a system

Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT)
PSAT uses achievable, pump-performance data from Hydraulic Institute standards and motor performance data from the MotorMaster+ database to calculate potential energy and associated cost savings. The tool also enables users to save and retrieve log files, default values, and system curves for sharing analyses with other users.

Like the FSAT software, the PSAT tool aids in quickly determing a pumps' energy consumption, efficiency and the potential savings for upgrading your pump system.