Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs. Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization. Click here to contact us about our engineering capabilities.

CFD and Prototype Modeling

Shop Prototype Testing

As an industrial customer, downtime due to failed equipment and processes is not acceptable because of the potential loss in production. Airclean helps mitigate that potential in energy-efficiency projects by using the latest technology to replicate and model your system and can provide small-scale prototypes to test the unknown issues that develop once equipment is built.

Airclean uses computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to simulate modifications to system design. We use a 3D CAD software, integrated with the CFD modules to build the model of your baseline and modified system. These models will provide preliminary data on system performance items such as:

  • Flow patterns 
  • Heat transfer
  • Erosion
  • Pressure loss

Airclean Engineering's sister company also builds small-scale prototypes for Airclean Engineering's shop-testing requirements. Data from the small-scale systems, coupled with the CFD modeling, can provide accurate predictions for full-scale operating conditions.