Engineering Capabilities

Industrial and commercial businesses are faced with great uncertainty for future power costs.

Airclean Engineering helps customers manage these costs through energy optimization.

Waste Heat Recovery

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Airclean has extensive experience in discovering, identifying and engineering waste-heat recovery systems for industrial facilities. Unlike most engineering firms or equipment providers, Airclean uses our own in-house, field engineers to quantify the potential value of your plant's waste-heat source.

Vacuum System Retrofits

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Vacuum systems have been designed with excess capacity and outdated control systems, which waste large amounts of energy. Airclean has developed a proprietary, testing method for accurately measuring your process, providing a baseline for energy-efficiency upgrades.

Industrial Energy Audits

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Using a systems-based approach, Airclean Engineering has a proven track record of performing successful, energy-efficiency audits to optimize commercial and industrial, facility operations.

Department of Energy Certified Specialists

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Airclean Engineering staff includes certified specialists and instructors for multiple DOE, energy-efficiency, software platforms. The DOE programs are in place to aid U.S. manufacturers in maintaining global competitiveness through strategic, energy management.

CFD and Prototype Modeling

Shop Prototype Testing

As an industrial customer, downtime due to failed equipment and processes is not acceptable because of the potential loss in production.

Marine Vessel Energy Conservation

Shop Prototype Testing

Airclean provides technical and programmatic support to various customers and ship owners throughout various fleets. We also provide shipboard energy audits and surveys, ship-system-specific surveys, and marine engineering on vessels of any size or function.